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The Woodstock Wing mural, a cherished landmark in Downtown Woodstock since its introduction, has mesmerized countless visitors. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the mural stands as a poignant tribute to children and families battling childhood cancer.

This meaningful concept took shape after Ken and Anita Corsini's son, Rocco, was diagnosed with cancer on July 25, 2014. Through Rocco's courageous journey, the ROC Star Kids foundation was born, dedicated to supporting others in the fight against childhood cancer. The inspiring narrative behind this beautiful artwork is a testament to resilience and community support.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness it in person on the Red Barn Real Estate building, just behind the Woodstock Visitors Center and The Daily Draft Sports Bar.

Be sure to capture the moment and share it using the hashtags #ROCSTARKIDS and/or #WOODSTOCKWINGS, and follow their Instagram account @ROCSTARKIDSGA. For those moved to contribute, no donation is too small to make a meaningful impact on a family in the fight. Notably, the mural was brought to life by @SAGEARTANDDESIGN, and the paint was generously provided by Sherwin Williams. To donate and learn more, please visit ROCSTARKIDS.COM.

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